Failing Ministries Have Become A Major Factor On The Shutting Down Of Churches

Failing Ministries Have Become A Major Factor On The Shutting Down Of Churches

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Failing ministries have become a major factor in the shutting down of churches. Failing ministries become an outcome of poor planning and judgment on ministry leaders. There are several problems that occur when people start ministries. Poor planning, not allowing the congregation to be involved, and not differentiating are three common ways that ministries fail. Some of these are caused because of poor ministry leaders underestimating the task of starting ministries. Many of these ministry setbacks can be averted by knowing a few key steps to create growing and God honoring ministries.
Many reasons can cause a ministry to fail. If ministry leaders are not carful they may find themselves falling into a ministry failure. The congregation plays a large roll in where the church is at. What many church’s fail to remember is that the congregation is what keeps a church going. This comes in many ways. The congregation is what donates the majority of money to a church. Aside from the congregation donating money to the church you will not see much income from other sources. If the congregation is what keeps a church functioning on the business end then it is impossible to have a functioning church without a congregation. In order to bring in money that will pay for pastors, building operations, etc. than it is important to keep the congregation involved.
The congregation should have some say in decisions that are made in the church. The congregation is the body of Christ and the interests of the congregation should be recognized. The reason for failing churches in some cases are because of the mistreatment of the congregation. Mistreatment could mean lack of information or ignoring the congregations wishes. A congregation should be happy ...

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... may not be a part of God’s will at that time. This may not be the fault of anyone or anything but just bad timing with where God wants you to be at that time. It is important to understand and be willing to let God lead your life despite anything that may be different from what you want to accomplish.
Poor planning, not allowing the congregation to be involved, and not differentiating are three common ways that ministries fail. Ministry leaders can be the difference between a failing ministry and a functioning and growing ministry. Keeping a happy congregation, great planning, and differentiating will all be great ways to have a fantastic ministry. The use of these three points will keep people interested, happy, and growing in your ministry. As we look to create better ministries for God we need to look at these three points to help our ministries grow and prosper.

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