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Fabrication of the Foundation Essay example

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Imagine culture and society in the 1950’s versus today: What is different? Cars, technology, communication, forms of currency, even social and moral values. You name it! If it existed in the 1950’s it has adapted to suite the world we live in. Since the 50’s, attitudes towards women, children and family have changed. The morals and values that once were the fabric of our society have become weak. Even marriage is no longer held in the same esteem. The so called “American Dream” of a house surrounded by a white picket fence and a family playing in the yard is too simplistic for our modern society. Many are striving to become part of the ultra-elite wealthy individuals in our society. However, the change in moral fabric has also shown to lead to a lack of overall wealth in certain ethnic groups. Rising out-of-wedlock birth rates, technology and social media networking are all contributing factors in the decline of our moral fabric and have a direct effect on overall wealth of our African-American lower-class.
As late as the 1990’s, when children were attending grade school, it was very common for most of your classmates to have a traditional family. The majority of children you knew had a mother and a father who were still together and were faithful to one another. It was also very common to be in touch with or very close with grandparents and first cousins. Just from the 90’s to present day things have changed considerably. The majority of those traditional family’s that you were accustomed to have been dissolved. More and more marriages continue to fail and more children grow up without proper role models in their life. Especially in minority groups such as African-Americans. Author Henry Louis Gates Jr. wrote “Forty Acres and a...

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...to lead our future generations by example rather than throwing them the deep end and hoping they float. Our economic struggle in the African-American lower class goes hand in hand with the lack of initiative shown by parents. Parents can’t continue to set poor examples and live life paycheck to paycheck focusing on the instant gratification lifestyle that is made so easily accessible by technology and expect their children to amount to more than they were ever exposed to. The lack of moral fabric of the African-American lower class will continue to be unsuccessful if they continue to increase the out-of-wedlock birth rates and are not even willing to attempt to be a role model for their children by continuing to abuse modern technologies. If parents are unwilling to properly fabricate the foundation, then the structure will never be built up to its full potential.

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