Expository Essay on Left of Karl Marx

Expository Essay on Left of Karl Marx

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Carole Boyce Davies, the author if this article, reflects on the life of the black communists, activists and intellectuals in this article. The author further reflects on the intertwined trans-Atlantic histories of leftist politics and the feminism and the internationalism that took place in the twentieth century. Claudia Jones, one of the activists mentioned, is highly associated with philosophies of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. She is remembered for her political contribution to the Caribbean community in Britain. Claudia Jones is depicted as a communist and a feminist in all the metaphors that she is prone to using. In her works, Claudia Jones is inclined to metaphors and theories of prominent theorist Karl Marx. She greatly utilizes the Marx’s theories and ideologies such that, she is referred to as the ‘left of Karl Marx’.
Some of the activities that display Claudia as a womanist activist are the manners in which she had volunteered to serve the society and be an activist; her intentions were to attain her goals through the Marxism theories of Karl Marx. She engaged in distinct anti-imperialist politics, which contributed to her being positioned as the ‘left of Karl Marx’. Her commitment to the society is displayed by the work done by Buzz Johnson where he remembers her as the mother of activism and Marxism. The author asserts that the politics of Claudia and her activities are a thing that someone cannot avoid to marvel about.
Another aspect that makes Claudia fit well within the description of Karl Marx is the fact that once she left high school she joined menial jobs and started engaging in activities that were intended to redeem women. In addition, she got involved in activities that were of political nature and ...

... middle of paper ...

...as much determined that not even a deportation or imprisonment could not make her loose her focus. She is so much liked by the society since whenever she formed a group, she always found members to work with and help her attain the intended mission. Another thing about her is that she was much intertwined with Karl Marx’s Marxism theories such that, they had been inscribed on her tombstone making those who went to pay homage to her feel that they were in touch with Karl Marx.

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