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The Existence Of The Soul Essay

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Among the wide range of controversial concepts, one of the most prominent theories in the field of philosophy and perhaps religion as well, is the question of whether or not the existence of a conscious being or rather the ‘soul’ is a valid ideology. Plato, Socrates and Descartes believed in the existence of a spiritual essence when a body ceases to exist allowing there to be a sense of the afterlife. There are two distinct theories that conflict with this issue of the afterlife known as, materialism and dualism (, 2016). Materialists portray the concept that the existence of the soul ceases to come about. While on the other hand, dualists posit the presence of an immaterial entity. In relation to the perception the philosophers had on the belief of an immaterial essence, this essay will aim to critique the ideas of the dualists and their conviction of the existence of the soul by providing the points of the materialists and their beliefs for the non-existence of any form of a conscious aspect.
The enigma lies in the subject of whether there is a ‘soul’ an immaterial object that is supposedly above and beyond the body. Some people might say that the existence of the soul may be supported by the following theories conducted by philosophers and theorists. Firstly, some will argue that our five senses are one way to prove the existence of certain notions, but it creates a tentative argument to prove something an individual can’t see nor touch (Kagan, 2008). However, the existence of atoms, for instance, has been proven without the possibility to see or touch them because as the atomic theory states, posit atoms suddenly begin to explain concepts that need clarification with the inferred existence of atoms (Kagan, 2008)....

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...of the afterlife does not prove to be of much logic as it cannot be proven completely, thus, there is no such immaterial essence that pre-existed or that will exist after death. The existence of the soul has not been established by any sort of physical evidence either. In contrast, to prove that there is no such sort of the afterlife, the Occam’s Razor is said to be the best weapon to eliminating a concept formed like the ‘soul’. It has come about confirmed that the Occam’s Razor is the simplest argument opposing the existence of an immaterial being. Additionally, the dualists theories are said to have created an added complication which is another reason that was stated in the arguments opposing the existence. There is no need to develop a complicated hypothesis. As a final point, there is no afterlife, there is no soul and there is no form of an immaterial essence.

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