The Existence Of Mind, Matter, And God Essay

The Existence Of Mind, Matter, And God Essay

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Descartes is a philosopher who wrote the Meditations establishing the existence of mind, matter, and God. He considers the problems of the sources and nature of knowledge; the validity of truth; the nature and destiny of man; the existence of god, and the creation of the universe. In his time conventional ideas were often being questioned and Descartes was eager to come across a new method for accessing the truth.
His original view was that God created the universe and he resembles the mind because both do not need physical bodies to exist. If a belief can be doubted then it is not certain and does not make a good foundation. At first he considered authorities such as parents, teachers, priests, etc. but found that they are not good sources of absolute truth. The reason is because those people have certain beliefs that can be based on nothing, and any testimony of others cannot ever provide certainty. He secondly considered the senses but then again rejects this as a foundation because of the dream argument. The dream argument states that if I am dreaming, then my beliefs based on my senses are false. So, it is possible that this is a dream and my beliefs are false. The result is that Descartes doubts the existence of the external world. He does this because he isn 't sure if what he is seeing is really there or not. He also considered he demon hypothesis which states that an all powerful demon controlling your mind can deceive you about everything. He concludes that he is not sure of anything, but his own existence.
He is a thinking being. He goes on to say that he exists but his body does not. Substances and things have properties that can only exist when attached to something. Substances can be either physical or non-physic...

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... that minds and God exist. He also knows that he has images of things or external ideas that seem to be neither produced by him or by God. They are not produced by him because he has ideas of things that seem to be free of his will. Intelligence is the power of thinking and imagination is the power of creating images. Experiences (ideas) of matter always involve the imagination, but the mind only has the power of intellect and thinking.
This biggest obstacle of this essay was trying to not jump back and forth from one question to another. The readings are very difficult to understand and interpret. I would make more sense of it with answering the original question with another question of my own. Descartes makes my head spin around and around. His ideas and thoughts peep new knowledge and pushes you to step out of the box, think for yourself, and reveal new answers.

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