Excesive Burocracy in The US Department of Veterans Affairs Essay

Excesive Burocracy in The US Department of Veterans Affairs Essay

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On October 20, 2013, a local veteran filed for disability and compensation benefits from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). As of April 13, 2014, the veteran is still waiting due to his claim being in the “Gathering of Evidence” phase, with an “overdue notice sent” for paperwork that the VA requested from a third party (Department of Veterans Affairs). His claim is one of the thousands that is in a backlog of VA compensation claims. Over a year ago, the VA promised to move quicker to help veterans. They did this among much criticism of excessive bureaucracy (Emmons).
As of April 21, 2014 there remains 602,000 claims that are in the processing phase throughout the 56 VA Regional Offices (VAROs) nationwide, and 325,080 or 54% of which have been pending more than 125 days (United States Department of Veterans Affairs) (Heller, Casey and Morran 5). Nationally, the goal established by the VA is to eliminate the backlog of disability claims by the end of 2015. (Stars and Stripes)
As of Veteran’s Day 2013, the number of veteran’s disability claims numbered over 400,000 currently in backlog, meaning that applicants have been waiting more than four months—the VA’s goal for maximum allowable delay (Glantz, Overtime, New Computer System Put Sizable Dent in VA Benefits Backlog). There are various reasons given for the backlog from sources including Congress, the Administration, newspaper articles, and government reports.
Some of them include:
1. Reports that over 500,000 claims reported in 1993 were due to a common agreement on the complexity of the claims.
2. In 1994, a newspaper published an article citing poor economic conditions for older veterans, leading to more claims being filed, overwhelming the VA.
3. ...

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