Evaluation Of The Program Assessment And Assistance System Essay

Evaluation Of The Program Assessment And Assistance System Essay

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The evaluation was summative and internal, as information was collected by school administration and researchers. There are many advantages of operating an internal evaluation, such as having knowledge of the program and the people and possessing the historical and environmental awareness. Other benefits could include extended support and swifter start-ups (Fitzpatrick, Sanders, & Worthen, 2011).
Data Collection Methods
Information was collected through tests and teacher and mentor observations. The evaluators, using the Program Assessment and Assistance System (PAAS) tool as well as data collected as part of the 2012 One City Summer Initiative, evaluated to assess if the DPR Summer Camp Program is being implemented properly and to aid DPR in developing “Best Practices” for implanting the Summer Camp Program. Additionally, DPR is interested in evaluating whether Summer Camp Programs are meeting their youth outcomes. The analysis procedures used by the evaluators were to compare the pre and pose-test PALS scores by analyzing the scores to see if the PALS scores had increased over the year and if the students were reading at the appropriate grade level.
They also compared the percentage of students in the program that passed to all students. Compared SOL results with PALS and Stanford 9 results and looking for consistencies. While reviewing the SOL results, the researchers then compared students in the program to all students. Finally, by plotting the surveys and checklist scores, the researchers can find trends over time and compare scores from the beginning of the school year to the end of the school year.
Decisions and Suggestions
Based on the PAAS tool, the evaluators do seem to make valid suggestions. These suggestions, also...

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...ong implementation process. I would separate the goals into distinctive methods, isolating the goals of the program and evaluation. I would also update the goals of both throughout the year as things evolve. By having clear objectives laid out in a plan, the evaluation and the program can be created and/or updated in a must shorter time. I would also create an evaluation timeline that occurred at the same time yearly, monthly or weekly, depending on what works. By having all evaluations occur at the same time, those in charge can dedicate sufficient time to spend on the evaluation while also meeting the goals of the program. I would also require routine training and feedback, based on the results of the assessment. By having this training and feedback, constant communication can be provided throughout the program to members. This communication is the key to success.

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