Evaluating Health Informatics Essay

Evaluating Health Informatics Essay

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According to Sittig & Singh (2010), informaticist’s have been limited in their ability to evaluate health informatics (HI) infrastructure due to a lack of models that are designed for this purpose. They further contend that existing models do not take into account the relationship between people and hardware. Actually, these socio-technical relationships involve much more than people and technology but also include the following elements:
• Hardware such as personal computers, tablets, peripheral devices and networks that interconnect this hardware,
• Software
• Physical surrounding
• Individuals, groups of people (sales staff), roles (sale manager) and agencies (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.
• Procedures both written and unwritten
• Laws and regulations (like procedures by are codified by society)
• Data & Data structures (what and how data is collected and stored)
(“Why a Socio-Technical,” n.d.)

Furthermore, the models that do exist for analyzing HI infrastructure are only applicable to a particular clinical setting and do not have the ability to collect and monitor metrics a...

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