Evaluating A Website On The Internet

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Evaluating a Website The internet has made seeking information easier to obtain. When accessing information on the internet, Monheit (2010) discusses the key points on ensuring that this information will be most credible. With just a few dollars, one can create a website and place it on the internet and there are nobody there to regulate (Monheit, 2010). The philosophy of any information presented on a website is “buyer beware” and one must due diligence when validating the information (Monheit, 2010). Description of Website The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) purpose is “Saving Lives, Protecting People” by supporting communities both foreign and domestic and Americans against disease from health, safety, and security. These include diseases acute vs chronic, curable or preventable, and whether human error or with deliberate attacks. The search engine used to locate the website was Google, the domain is identified as .gov and the URL is http://www.cdc.gov. With American health epidemics on the rise, promoting behaviors for communities on health issues causing death or disability with global diseases and health securities are rationales chosen for discussion. Analysis Department of Health and Human Services is the authority and a major operating element. There are many groups within the CDC organizational chart; each person is identified with photos and credentials of expertise. Each of these individuals provide assistance and research within the agency for issues and specific health threats. At the bottom of the page the address of the agency is provided along with an email link to contact them. The most current information appears to be provided on each topic. Each page is noted to have a date... ... middle of paper ... ...ides responses to natural disasters (Flash Floods), pandemics (EBOLA), deliberate attacks (Anthrax), environmental catastrophes (Exxon Valdez oil spill), and other threats to the health of Americans. Knowing that these leaders are the first responders for the world; make them an authority of health information and security. With the cost of healthcare is rising in the United States, having a group that is dedicated to preventing illness, injury, disability, and death improves these outcomes. The need to build a public health care system that is solid, competent, and current will lower healthcare costs. The CDC provides an opportunity for Americans to live healthier and longer lives. They are working together to provide evidence based healthcare material for individuals and their communities. Summary Summaries the content of the paper in concluding statements
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