Essay about Euthanasia And Non Voluntary Active Euthanasia

Essay about Euthanasia And Non Voluntary Active Euthanasia

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The Right to Die
There is only one thing that no human being has ever been able to escape from, Death. The definition of this term has become a crucial element in familial, ethical, religious, and even medical decisions. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a human life ends with the permanent cessation of vital bodily functions. However, in some cases when a person knows death is inevitable, he or she decides to accelerate the process. The medical field refers to euthanasia as the action that a physician does by ending a life at the request of the patient. There are three different ways to practice euthanasia; non-voluntary active euthanasia, which is performed on patients who do not have the ability to request it, such as babies or adults with dementia; involuntary euthanasia, performed against the will of a competent patient; and voluntary euthanasia, which is actually performed at the request of the patient. Even though euthanasia is a concept usually associated with murder or suicide; it is actually a relieving choice that should be legalized in all countries in order to help terminally ill patients who want to avoid months of agony waiting to die.
The euthanasia project is quite prudent since it certifies the medical condition of the patients who request the termination of their life in extreme situations of terminal illness or irreversible injuries procedure. No doctor or clinic may be forced to euthanize. Nobody can force a patient or family to hasten death. So that allows everyone to live (and die) according to their convictions. Patients and physicians who understand that a dignified death is what comes after making every last effort to extend the life, may choose to do. However, those who prefer to avoid weeks...

... middle of paper ... It does not matter the case, either if the patient is able to request euthanasia or if he or she is in a state where no decision can be made, the right thing to do is obvious. No human being deserves to die in agony, in pain, suffering until the very last minute.
Euthanasia should be legalized in all countries in order to help patients like Terri or Valentina, who are going through a living hell trying to wake up every morning hopeless, waiting for the day when death finally comes and liberates them from torture. Terminally ill patients should have the right to determine when it is time to “give up” and rest; there is no need for them to suffer weeks or months on this process. Euthanasia is not murder or suicide, on the contrary, it is a relieving exit. By denying the patients euthanasia, the government is actually committing the murder, lengthening their pain.

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