the Discourse on Colonialism by Cesaire

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In the Discourse on Colonialism, Cesaire illustrates a compelling relationship between colonized states and the proletariat class. He conveys that the proletariat socio-economic class allows for the possible unification of society against the powers of colonialism. Interestingly, the comparison reflects as these elements extend from constructed illusions to unequivocal creeds. By isolating and juxtaposing the two groups, Cesaire is able to elaborate on how he believes that race and class unite to dominate 'inferior subjects' in nations throughout the globe. Throughout the essay, Cesaire provides reasoning for the socially constructed experiences of those dictated by colonial imperialism, particularly Africans, and proletarian conflicts in Europe. In such a way, Cesaire suggests a critical course of colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and communism – fundamental themes in political and intellectual agenda, and in the declaration of the intellectuality in non-European societies.
In the beginning sections of the Discourse on Colonialism, Cesaire defines his central theory of coloniza...
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