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The distinctive character of the Prussians in Northern Germany in 1871-1918 is their desire for power and strong nationalism. The importance of this was Prussia’s dominance in Germany and even all of Europe. Prussia was in Northern Germany and was colonized by the Goths. Prussia survived and made a living on agricultural goods; they have a strong belief in God and the Roman Catholic faith and the weather is pretty normal with all four seasons coming and going.
The main driving force to Prussia’s success in Europe was its struggle against adversity in the birth of the next dominant force in all of Europe. “At the beginning of a realignment of European powers took place. France, which formally supported [ Prussia] against Austria, now fought on Austria’s side against Prussia; and England, which had formally sided with Austria, became [Prussia’s] ally in a war waged against France on both sides of the Atlantic Simultaneously. The older Prussian tradition had it that Prussia fought a preventive war, to forestall an attack planned by her opponents. But even a conservative Prussian historian, a scholar of unusual independence, had reached a conclusion that [Prussia] started the fight in Europe as an aggressor.”
Prussia’s homeland was a very strong homeland for any strong military force. The Prussian kingdom was in Northern Germany, right next to the Baltic Sea. The Rhine, Weser, Oder, and Elbe Rivers run straight through the kingdom. These rivers that run through the kingdom make trade a major way of life for people. Prussia was generally flat without many landforms. The surrounding countries like Poland and Lithuania gave a big influence to the Prussia culture.
The climate of the Prussian kingdom was generally the sa...

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...hristmas or Easter festivals.
“This dogged endurance and its final reward constitute/ the image, familiar to sermons, that Hitler and the army tried to conjure up in 1944-1955 when allied troops reached German soil and the Russians stood at Kunersdort again- contrasting such spirit with surrender in 1918and its consequences.”
Northern Germany (Prussia) with their desire for power has come to be one of the most dominate nations in the world to this day. They have bounced back from horrific losses in battle such as World War I and II and they still have one of the best economies with good leaders and officials. This has influenced me by the folkways of the German/Prussian people that seems like they have been kept all these years. From the food my family eats to the music we listen to, it still feels like the late nineteenth century days are right behind us.

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