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Canada is a large country with a history of many people and cultures, both good, and bad. Louis Riel, one of the most controversial men in history, was not a hero; in fact he may have been the mere opposite. Riel, one of the most famous Metis leaders, is greatly viewed in the perspective of some, but he can also be viewed, as a true rebel, and someone who wasn’t a heroic Metis. Although Riel took part in joining Manitoba in the dominion of Canada, he also threatened the new dominion of Canada. Riel’s actions and decisions are very controversial, and although many regard his actions and decisions very highly, Riel did the opposite. Through the organization of the Riel rebellions, the executing of Thomas Scott, and going against the Canadian Government, Louis Riel was truly a rebel, who threatened the dominion of Canada.
The Riel rebellions showed the government that Riel is a rebel to them, and is not with the Dominion of Canada. The web-site Canada in the Making claims that Riel’s rebellion tactics would work for one rebellion, but would horribly fail in the next one, which would lead the Metis down a bad path. Riel was a leader of two rebellions, the Red River Rebellion, and the North-West Rebellion. The red river rebellion occurred not too long after the creation of the Dominion of Canada. People from Ontario, wanted to push west, but the Metis rebelled with Riel as their leader, and stopped the government from entering the land, and later seized Fort Garry. The North-West rebellion went in another direction. The rebellion led to a battle, in which the greatly outnumbered Metis battled the Canadian soldiers in Batoche. “And so this is how the Battle of Batoche, the last stand of the Metis, ends—not with a bag but...

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... lot of things to do, including building the railroad. Is there really a place for the Metis, after all this? Riel’s actions against the government, slowed down the progress of Canada, and made a huge impact on the Metis.
Through many different points and facts, it’s shown that Louis Riel genuinely was a rebel who threatened the dominion of Canada. Leading two rebellions, executing Thomas Scott, and going against the government, were just a couple of the many things Riel did, to show that he truly was a rebel. All the things Riel did, have something in common, they all stopped progress. The government can’t trust Riel after the things he did, which slowed down the development of the newly formed dominion of Canada. Although many would disagree, the information shows, that Louis Riel was nothing more than a rebel to Canada, who went against the dominion of Canada.
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