An Uphill Battle
"Never hang your head down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines"(Richard Nixon). Nixon believes if you always look at the negative side of things, you'll quickly forget all the positives. Obesity is all around us and people are not doing much about it, mainly because the obese themselves give up trying. The rates of obesity are steadily increasing every year and the reasons are fast foods, advertising and lack of exercise.
From above, fast foods are just one cause of how obesity increases every year. First, big corporations had made an impact on the advertising and have changed the food house. Between 1977 in 1995 "Fast food marketers such as McDonald's and Burger King have a reshaped diets of American parents and kids"(Ruskin 4). The rise in fast food consumption has led to the effect in obesity especially in America. Secondly, fast food is so broad now; McDonald's is all you see anymore. Consumers "Eat food design for the health of corporate balance sheets rather than the health of children's bodies"(Ruskin 5). If you're driving or just taking a stroll there's not much healthy food choices, we are surrounded by fast foods. Finally, everyone loves soda and that is exactly what these fast food companies sell. Ruskin says "Soft drink companies use every trick in the book to cook kids on their high sugar caffeinated products"(Ruskin 1). The rises of the city is also affected by sodas and how they are available everywhere you go. There is a fast food trapped in this world and it leads to obesity that is harmful to everyone.
Like before, advertising, also a major causing obesity has to be looked at as a negative effect. First...

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...ming in active. “Less than 10% of American adults engage in regular and vigorous physical activity, nearly 60% report having a sedentary lifestyle"(Shinn 4). In a couple years this rate of obesity will rise because people do not exercise or go outdoors. Obesity is a problem because of how we get go about our daily lives and our inactivity overwhelms us.
Because of fast foods, advertising and lack of exercise, obesity has become a major problem and growing every day. Fast foods will never go away see you have to learn not to fall for their delicious traps. Advertising is all around us, making us want to eat unhealthy food even when young and can cause obesity. If you do not live and active life and are devouring junk foods your health decreases, while obesity rises. People need to think as an individual and not let other things like food bring a person down.

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