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It’s Friday, I take my time walking by myself on Friday to escape that god-awful, abusive and drunk man at home. My family wasn’t always that rich, we’re doing well with what we have a shanty planted in the heart of the slum and I was grateful for that. My mother worries especially on Fridays due to me always returning home late but I always reassure that she has no need to worry as I always make it home safe; and for this reason she nicknames me Cat. I take a double glance at my watch, time’s approaching ten but I don’t increase my pace if anything I slow down. I decide to take a longer route adding an extra 10 minutes, 5 if I run. I arrive in a narrow alleyway and continue mindlessly walking straight right before I stop about a car length away to what seems to be a silhouette of a lanky individual slither into my gaze, I tried my best squinting at the individual to see if there was any real danger but no, it was just a man, he started walking in my direction… Strange, for every step he took, he would drag the other foot like a rake on asphalt. Scraaaaaaape. Scraaaaaaape. He must be handicapped I thought to myself, as he approached the poorly dimmed streetlight I saw what he actually was. His hair was long and looked like it hadn’t been washed for weeks. His clothes were cocaine white but contrasted with the dirt on his attire. He started approaching me; if fear smelt bad then I was a John. He had a disturbing giggle, “Girly … let’s have fuuuuun.” He kept on approaching I couldn’t move, I was frozen in fear. Scraaaaaaape. Scraaaaaaape. He extended its malnourished arm, “Come with me… Girly.” I try to walk past the poor thing rejecting his offers. I come to the realization that it won’t let me pass, he smelt disgusting, and... ... middle of paper ... ...ting any faster, but my legs aren’t responding, they aren’t connected to reality just like my whole body. I get To the street, there’s a clique but it isn’t there, it had just disappeared. I avoid the clique taking extra caution due to the encounter I just endured. What was he? How? Questions filled my mind but an epiphany took over those questions, how can the drunken man at home be worse than that? He had tried to bond with me several times, how come I just couldn’t love him like everyone else? Why am I making it worse for everyone else by being so ungrateful to him? Question after question it fogged my mind. I make my way home, checking every bush and every figure on the way. I approach the gate of the haven “I actually made it, I made it!” My celebration is interrupted by my stepfather’s cries and relief had escaped. I open the gate. Scraaaaaaape. Scraaaaaaape.

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