john adams revolution

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john adams revolution

John Adams explains how the revolution began when he says, "The Revolution was effected before the war commenced (37-38). The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the

people, "proving there was a feeling of revolution as soon as people left England to come to the New World" (25). The duel for America created a restlessness among the independent minded Americans. However, mother England saw the necessity of holding her colonies.

Eventually, tension is felt between the two sides, resulting in colonial unity and the

sovereignty of a new republic. There were many causes and effects of the American


There were many causes that sparked America's new sense of individuality (p.26). One

of the first causes was the increased confidence in military strength, which caused a rise in colonial self-esteem. This increase in self-esteem was a result of the valuable gained from the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War, also shattered the myth of British invincibility, showing the colonials that anything was possible. Another cause of the colonials sense of individuality was that friction between Britain and the colonies rose. American settlers felt that they deserved credit rather than contempt for risking their lives to secure a new world empire, where as the British refused to even recognize any American militia commission about the rank of a captain. Also, British official were further distressed by the reluctance of the colonials to support the common cause wholeheartedly. Also, individuality was a sense in the minds of the colonists the day they set foot on the new continent. Individuality began with the fact that to emigrate was to revel, and those who went to the New World, were in fact rebels because of the distance they put between themselves and Britain. Also, the distance between the New World and Britain, instigated individuality because of the long distance to travel between both places; it left the colonies both physically and spiritually separated from the New World.

The colonies knew that distance weakens authority, but great distances weaken authority

even more. The American environment also nurtured the feelings of independence because of the unchanging surroundings of England, coming to the New World offered a change of pace for the colonies because they now had their own world to ma...

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...nies came together

for one common cause and they weren't going to back down" (97).

Finally, the revolution and the war tremendously effected America. One of the most significant results of the revolution and war on America was the signing of the Declaration of Independence in which the signers pledged all that they had or believed in to protect their independence. The Declaration of Independence stated what to ideal

government was and what to colonies intended on doing to ensure the best possible

environment and opportunities for years to come. Another effect of the revolution and

war is that the United States borders were extended to Florida and the Mississippi River. As Thomas Jefferson started, by assembling such prestige groups of men, we have learned more and will continue to learn from these men's examples, rather than the examples of armies. In conclusion, the American Revolution did not radically change the entire political or social framework. People went on with their everyday lives, undisturbed by what was gong on. However, the revolution did help America to evolve into an independent nation, which could now live fearlessly knowing that anything was possible.

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