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I fell in love with Edgar Allan Poe when I first read his story The Raven, during my freshman year language class. Edgar was born January 19th, 1809 in Boston Massachusetts to Elizabeth and David Poe. Being an infant Edgar was moved vigorously because of his parents professions of traveling actors. The money brought in was very scarce and did not please his father David. At the age of two Edgars father abandoned the family leaving his mother Elizabeth alone with Edgar, his infant sister Rosalie, and his older brother Henry. Months later Elizabeth had died of tuberculosis and days after that David had passed from the same illness. Edgar was later split apart from his three sibling and adopted by a couple that could not have kids themselves John and Frances Allen. Edgar Poe combined his adopted parents last name to his own, becoming Edgar Allen Poe. Growing up Edgar enjoyed writing stories. His mentor was a British poet writer Lord Byron. Edgar believed he would become just as successful like Lord Byron and he did, but some struggles got in the way off his success. At the age of seventeen he was accepted into University of Virginia where he exceled in all of his classes but became in huge depth because his stepfather John Allen on gave him one-third of the money he needed for his expenses. He look toward gambling to pay for his debt but had become even more in debt. Edgar turned out to be so poor he started burning his furniture for heat. Edgar dropped out of college and went to the army were he became the rank of sergeant major general. He was admitted into West Point academy but was soon dismissed for not obeying the rules. After being dismissed Edgar sent out to New York City in search of job. He found one as and editor of... ... middle of paper ... ...ce stops the figure and gets stabbed by a dagger. Other men rush to grab the mask but it falls to the floor and nothing was there. “And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.” The last text of the story defining that death cannot be escaped. Edgar Allen Poe’s symbolism is hidden throughout the story of The Masque of the Red Death. This particular story is all symbolism from start to finish. The title is the first symbol you see the masque hiding behind is the illness of tuberculosis. The fact that the prince is rich and greedy becomes a great candidate. He laughs at others lower then him having the illness and dying off. He is greedy by not letting them in his large castle. He only invites his richer noble men to escape the horrible death that lurks him. The only thing in which he does not know is that you cannot escape death.
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