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(intro) Writing is the skill that should be taught to students from (k-12). Writing is the root to get education for students, because without writing no one can able to succeed in education. Writing teach students to communicate better, using correct grammar, punctuation, and improve spelling mistakes in writing. Writing is an important part of communication for students to talk with other peoples. Writing helps to understand of English language and reflect people as a person. Student can improve his writing skill as much as he want to during school and college career, for example, a student is taking test or doing homework for his writing class. Writing play an important role in our life because everybody use writing in their daily life. For example, a businessman use his writing skill for write down his daily profit and loss. (Thesis): Writing help students to prepare for their future education and job.
Writing help student to prepare for their future education by many way. Writing can helps to clarifies thoughts and make human thinking visible. For example, if a student is sitting at a peaceful place and try to write an article. Best place to improve writing is college, for example, “College is an ideal place for those students who love learning for its own sake, who would rather write than eat, and who like nothing better than writing research papers and essays” (Caroline Bird) 134. Writing is a critical subject to learn for young people but it help them to write essay and article. Writing is an idea that come anytime and help students to express their thoughts in front of the reader. Writing help to get succeed in life and also good writing is matter when it comes to the business world. For example, a writer wrote a book ...

... middle of paper ... life such as write someone’s phone number or taking notes in class. Student without basic writing skills will end up in doing labor job or some other jobs because without writing skills it is impossible to graduate from any school or college and without graduation it is not possible to get a job.
In conclusion, student need to make sure that writing is necessary for the future because writing is a tool that we can use to solve problems. Writing is not just an imagination that we think and write, it can be use as weapon in difficult situation.

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