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In the story “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare, the main character Hamlet starts to loose his mind, and goes completely crazy. He starts to go crazy shortly after his father’s death, because his mother married his uncle the new king of Denmark. And later in the story his girlfriend leaves because she is forced by her father to leave him for the good of her own and her fathers. When his father was killed no one knew who really killed him, everyone thought that his just died of natural causes. By soon Hamlets father’s ghost started to appear, some of the night watch men saw him and they thought that it would be a good idea to let Hamlet know about it. So later that night Hamlet and the night watch men went out on patrol and that’s when Hamlets dad’s ghost appeared to him. Hamlet followed him into the woods and that’s where he spoke to it. The ghost told him the whole story about how his brother poured poison into his ear and killed him to take over the throne. The ghost asked him to avenge his death. And that’s when Hamlet started to go crazy. Hamlet was a bit sadden by his mothers actions, she went off and married her brother in law, which was the Kings brother, only two weeks after his death, and she had already forgotten about her other husband. Hamlet didn’t really know what his mother was thinking when she did this. But after the ghost appeared to him and he knew the truth he thought that his mother might have had something to do with the murder. Soon Hamlet starts to find ways to kill his uncle. One for killing his father, and the other for marrying his mother. Hamlet tries to put get his uncle to confess to the murder by making plays about how his father was killed and then how his mother goes off and marries his brother. He tries to talk to his mother but his mom thinks that he crazy and doesn’t really believe him. Then his girlfriend leaves him because she was forced by her father to do so because he didn’t want his daughter to be with a mad man, and because it was going to make him look bad. So when she does leave him Hamlet gets heart broken and really goes over the edge.

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