good or evil

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The book Lord of the Flies brings up the question of whether man is born evil, and needs society to keep him in check, or that man is born good, and society makes him evil. Man is actually a mixture of both ideas. Man is neither born good nor evil, but both; a mixture of the two. Also, no one is just pure evil or pure good. Finally, society doesn’t make someone evil or good but it does have impacts on the decisions that we make.
Man himself is a mix of good and evil. Humans are neutral. However, in our lives we make choices that determine which we are more of. As well, things can happen during our lives that cause us to do things that are evil, but these acts are not something that we normally do. We essentially sway between the two worlds and we decide which one to be in. Sometimes society can have a big impact on which we do. If we are around people that are doing evil things we would probably join in the activity and vice versa.
No one is born completely evil or completely good. In the Ying Yan symbol it shows that evil has a little bit of good, and good has a little bit of evi...

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