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Economic growths has always been valued in the countries of East Asia. Occasionally, in order to improve an economy rapidly a government may have to be in complete control and not progress politically. Two economic strategies known as export promotion strategy and liberalization were favored by East Asian countries. These two strategies were done cause economic growth but were not the most political progressive. Countries such as South Korea and China participated in these strategies. Both had to different levels of democratization, labor rights, and political consolidation of power. Unfortunately, countries such as South Korea and China have prioritized economic growth over political progress.
South Korea was extremely involved with export promotion strategy (EPS), which is the state protecting infant industries. The state’s Economic Planning Boards would choose which industry needed protection from outside competition. There were tax breaks and credit given to those favored industries, while tariff were placed on industries from other countries that were trying to compete in that sector (Lecture 5). South Korea would accumulate the fourth largest debt in 1985 because EPS but that would not slow its growth (Lecture 5). EPS leans more towards economic growth than political progress because most liberal nations do not place tariffs on the competition. South Korea was able to grow and that would be enough to stifle any political reform. There are other tactics than EPS that other nations would actively pursue.
Trade liberalization was a part of China’s economic plan that created immediate growth in the nation. The nation was quick to adopt liberal trade policies but would protect the emerging domestic markets during the 1980s. The...

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...ents that consolidate little of their power are unable to directly help business. By not waiting for the market to fix itself the government is using extreme amounts of power to help the businesses, which is prioritizing economic growth over political progress.
The economic progress of the countries of East Asia has been simply amazing, and many look to keep growing. Part of that economic growth has been at the cost of political progress, this even applies to the democratic states. Unfortunately, worker rights have been ignored in order to increase productivity. Governments are heavily invested financial in the different sectors, such as the SOEs of China or the chaebols of South Korea. Power is largely consolidated, and that allows the governments to be invested into these corporations. Overall, economic progress is the product of a sacrificed political progress.
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