effects of technology on the society

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The continuous technological advancements in the world have had both positive and negative impacts on society. The advancement rates of improvements through numerous innovations in technological ideologies increases each day. Although technological innovations have resulted in easier methods of undertaking different duties, the different methodologies that have been adapted have generally led to both the positive and negative effects on the whole world. With the increased use of social networks, different cultures have been able to relate through networks such as Facebook and Twitter among others, thus enhancing and international peace and togetherness. This has also lead to the growth and development of trade as entrepreneurs can advertise their goods and services through the social media. As a result, this has improved the economic status of most societies, as well as countries. Technological advancements have resulted in various modernization effects into the lives of the people. This has in return increased the co relationship among the different ethnic groups in the country thus promoting peace and unity among citizens. Through plurality, different ethnic groups have been able clearly facilitate the social economic life of their livelihood. Through technology such as television, different ethnic groups have been able to learn each other’s cultural values and adapt them in their social lives resulting in a diverse society. Technology has enhanced communication in the society. Following the introduction of new methods of communication, communication within society has become more effective. The emergence of mobile phones is among the greatest improvements in communication that has been so effective. Various technological de... ... middle of paper ... ...f the usage of the gadgets. Computer games are the most influencing factors in the development of poor sleeping habits. Internet access has enabled easy streaming and underage users up having the access to age bound videos such as pornographic material. As a result, the underage teens learn things that are beyond their age. This way, it becomes difficult to give advice especially concerning behaviors that they may already be engaged in. Technological changes are taking the world through deep changes that would rather result to the deprivation of the moral and ethical values of the society. The continued innovation of the technically used materials would lead to the increase in more hazardous effects to the human beings. This in turn affects the demographics of the society. Despite the benefits of technology, the society has changes both positively and negatively.
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