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Drug Addiction
There are many people in the world today that has had or currently has a drug addiction. Most people usually know what the consequences of taking a drug is, but they usually don’t think about that at the time. When people start taking drugs they don’t think about what is going to happen or even care what could happen. All they care about is that next high. A recent statistic states that 23.9 million Americans age adolescents and up have participated in using drugs in the last month.
There are many reasons that could cause a person to become addicted to a drug. Nordqvist notes in medical news today that, “The causes of addiction vary considerably, and are not often fully understood.” Some people may try it just because; or they might have a mental or social disorder. They may be depressed and think that if they take a certain drug it will help them become happy again. Some people may try a drug if they are in the wrong type of environment. They may want to try it to be like someone, or to “feel cool”. There are people out there that are addicted, due to a car accident. They needed a prescription medicine for pain control then got mentally and physically hooked onto that narcotic or “pain pill”. It simply started out to be used for pain control, and then they felt like they needed more and more. They eventually became addicted to that prescription medication. Some people may start taking a drug to “feel numb” from abuse or emotional relationships with people that they have in their life. They may start taking a drug so they don’t have to deal with anymore of their problems in everyday life; it’s like a mental get away for them. Aside of why people are using drugs, the effects usually have more of an impact on ...

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... accident and got a prescription that they became addicted too. With many effects that drugs have on people including addiction, homelessness or death. Hopefully people choose wisely when they are around the wrong crowd or think about their consequences instead of the actions now.

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