comperative Analysis of Bronte and Hardy

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Differences between Author’s and Their Poems Comparative Analysis Between Bronte and Hardy Dealing with the loss of a loved one is very hard and sometimes brutal. There is losses everyday and people around the world mourn that the ones they love are gone forever. As we can see through the creative minds of Emily Bronte and Thomas Hardy loss is a challenge of everyday life whether it’s between the loss of a job, loved one, money, hope, and time. In Emily Bronte’s, Remembrance, the poem is between the losses of love for someone who died fifteen years ago. That the one who died is long gone and out of anyone’s memory. So, in this poem we see a loss of love. In Thomas Hardy’s, The Darkling Thrush, we see the loss of hope because of the turning of the new century because Hardy wrote this poem on December 31st, 1899. In another Hardy poem, Ah, Are You Digging My Grave, we see the loss of memory, and being forgotten. This poem is about a woman who was buried long ago and thinks that the digging above her is her loved ones sending flowers, but they have all forgotten her. Therefore, from the three poems as stated in the text above, what is the comparative analysis of loss between Bronte and Hardy? Firstly, going back to Bronte’s poem, Remembrance, what are the main themes of loss interpreted? So, this poem is about a girl who died fifteen years past the time the poem was written. It is about a lover of the one who past thinking about if it’s time to let go and move on in life and also to get married again and forget about his dead lover. He is at the grave site and thinks about the loss of his lover. The is also a the loss of time because the speaker spends fifteen years mourning the loss of his lover and doesn’t move on in life and g... ... middle of paper ... ... they didn’t go. And lastly, she hears more noises until a hole is dug and it’s her old dog. She is happy to see her dog, but even the dog has forgotten her because he merely digs the whole to bury his bone as a hiding place. So, the main themes of loss interpreted in this poem are loss of love, loss of hope, loss of memory, loss of remembrance, and loss of importance. In conclusion, there is definitely a comparison of all three poems with the theme of loss. One that I noticed in all three poems was the loss of hope. Hope because there is an optimistic view on life such as, what are we supposed to do after the ones we love are gone? Also, how do I move past the love I once felt for the person now buried. Or how can I look to the future since the past wasn’t the best. The basis of the poems written by the two different authors has some type of loss to write about.

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