capital punishment

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The death penalty dates back to the eighteenth century. Criminals received many punishments throughout the centuries such as hangings, quartering, and burning at the stake. The death penalty consists of lethal injections today. The death penalty is a controversial topic because some people are for the death penalty and some people are against the death penalty. There is no one consensus for or against the death penalty. Although there have been many studies on the immorality of the death penalty and whether or not to limit the death penalty in some ways or just completely abolish it all together. It appears that more people are leading towards getting rid of the death penalty, but the courts want to keep it because the courts argue that that it is a successful fear tactic and may prevent future crimes. The death penalty is inhumane, biased, arbitrary, and an unsuccessful fear tactic so it should be abolished.
The death penalty is inhumane. One could say that the death penalty is inhumane because it takes a person’s life away in the form of revenge. For example, families of victims tend to be upset toward the suspect and want the ultimate revenge which is the death penalty. People have no right to want a murderer to be put to death because it is inhumane to decide another person’s fate and it lowers us to the suspect’s level. One could say that it is understandable where the families of victims are coming form on this issue and others should not judge them for that because the families are acting out of anger, but people have no right to decide if another person lives or dies. For example, no one has the right to judge another person but God. An average person should not put themselves at a higher power. In the World Medical Jour...

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...lks about how the death penalty may stop some criminals from committing erroneous acts but not the majority of them.
In conclusion, the death penalty is inhumane because it goes against the constitution and violates the eight amendment by showing cruel and unusual punishment towards people who have been put on death row. People on death row experience abuse both physically and emotionally. The death penalty is also an unsuccessful fear tactic and arbitrary because some criminals will commit crime no matter what the consequences are , and it is arbitrary cause it is a random selection process for who will be sentenced to death and who will not be sentenced to death. The death penalty is also biased because men and African Americans are more likely to be sentenced to death . The reasons stated above are just some of the reasons the death penalty should be abolished.

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