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The zombie subgenre, unlike many other branches of the horror movie genre, adapts completely to fit the audience of its time. For instance, in the slasher subgenre, both the killers and the victims have shared common characteristics since the very first film. On the other hand, the torture porn subgenre of horror changes, but does not adapt to the audience. Although new concepts are fashioned, there is not a correlation to the fears of the audience. Specifically in the zombie subgenre, particularly when examining the origin of zombies, it is clear that directors and film writers adapt to fit both the desires and the fears of their audiences. Shortly after the first zombie movie was released, there was a zombie craze, during which…show more content…
Several, like Zombies on Broadway and The Ghost Breakers, treated the topic lightheartedly, while others, like I Walked With a Zombie, were highly dramatic. (Harris)
The first wave of zombie films that were released focused heavily on the voodoo origin of zombies. However, the origin was not the only aspect of these films that differ greatly from their modern day counterparts. The original zombie films differ greatly from the gore-filled and petrifying films that a modern-day audience is accustomed to experiencing. In the original zombie films, the monsters were exceptionally slow, and not a true threat to humans, as long as they were cautious. The zombies also were depicted much like humans, but had paler faces. Earlier zombie films also shared similar plots. The monster would be created by voodoo magic, typically to enact revenge on some other individual. At first, the zombie would follow the commands of its master with ease. Eventually, however, the witch or wizard would lose control of the creature, which would then wreak havoc without commands. This plot satisfied the viewers of that time, who were not accustomed to violence, but, as violence became more prevalent in media, zombies had to evolve to fit a modern audience. Early zombie films were terrifying to the audiences that they served, but soon became outdated, and modern
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New forms of media continue to arise that focus on zombies. Numerous video games, such as Resident Evil, Dead Rising, and The Last of Us have been created in response to the popularity of the subgenre. Television shows, such as AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead, and We’re Alive, have also been filmed to please audiences. These outlets generally follow the same concepts of the modern films, such as the quick-moving zombies, the enormous amount of gore, and the pathogen origin. These video games and television shows have become tremendously popular. The popularity of zombies have allowed multiple media outlets to integrate zombies in their production, which lead to a massive growth in the zombie fan

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