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Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of an animal organ, tissue or live cells to a human. Xenotransplantation was started due to the scarcity of human organs according to the United Network of Organ Sharing more than 107,241 Americans were waiting in 2010. Most infants who are in need of organ transplants but are too small require animal organs. The practice was pioneered a century ago by Alexis Carrel and was considered ethically controversial it was quickly rejected due to immune responses. With large advances in immunology in the 1960’s xenotransplantation reemerged. At first it was not very successful for example in 1984 a baboon heart was transplanted into new born infant who had hypoplastic left heart syndrome the child lived for 20 days after the surgery. Through the advances in Xenotransplantation there were many obstacles including preventing hyperacute rejection, preventing acute vascular rejection, facilitating immune accommodation, inducing immune tolerance, preventing the spread of viruses from animal to human and addressing ethical issues. Still the largest concern of xenotransplantation is cross-species infections. A third of people on an organ waiting list die waiting for the organ this is why xenotransplantation is so important there are plenty of healthy animals that humans can harvest. the current number of 20,000 transplants per year in America could be increased to over 100,000 if animal organs were used Many human organs can only be taken from dead organ donors while on the other hand we have an unlimited supply of animals like pigs for slaughter.Animals do not have to give their consent for a xenotransplantation procedures. Xenotransplantation can act as temporary fix while people wait for a human ... ... middle of paper ... ... for a transplant I do not think it costs that much to care for an animal. I will admit that it is a good solution for now so people can live long enough to get the organs they really need. I think the phycological damage is horrible as well most patients say that it is very hard living with the fact that you have a pig heart inside you. I think one of the biggest questions that needs to be asked is who’s life is worth more yours or an animals. All though I do not support xenotransplantation I believe that if it cam down to my life i would do it. Xenotransplant’s are very risky we could have already released a dormant disease that could breakout at anytime. We are playing with nature and trying to change what is not meant to be changed. Theres a reason are body rejects animal organs it is because they are not for us. In conclusion xenotransplant’s are only temporary
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