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World War 1 was a global war that lasted about four years. It was one of the largest wars in history that originated in England. There were two opposing alliances that consisted of all the world’s great economic powers. There were more than 70 million people who fought in the war and over seven million civilians who died. WW1 ultimately paved the path of major political changes. The three most important causes of WW1 were the Balkans, Imperialism, and Alliances.

The Balkans were one of the main causes of World War 1. Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria (The Balkans) wanted to be freed from the Ottoman Empire. Russia needed warm water ports for industrialization and Russia was located too far North to have any warm water ports. Russia’s plan …show more content…

Alliances are friendships between countries. In the years before World War 1 countries were constantly making alliances. All of the alliances at first were to protect each other if attacked by France. Italy then made a secret alliance with France saying that they wouldn’t aide Germany. All this commotion caused the formation of two giant alliances. The first alliance was the Triple Entente, which included Russia, France, and Great Britain. The second one was known as the Triple Alliance and it included Germany, Italy, the Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary. The only issue with these alliances is that Italy also had an alliance with France, which made Italy alliances of both alliance groups. All of these alliances caused Germany to feel threatened for their power and existence. Germany was in alliance with Italy, but they couldn’t completely trust them when they also had an alliance with France. This brought tension throughout the two alliances, which ultimately caused World War 1.

In conclusion, the three main causes of World War 1 are the Balkans, Imperialism, and Alliances. During this time there was a lot of rise and decline of great powers. France was no longer the power country like they were before with Napoleon after they were defeated by Russia in strategic ways. Great Britain then rose into power because of how successful they were with Imperialism. The great powers were then able to come together to become even stronger

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