Wuthering Heights

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Summary Lockwood is the narrator of the story and the reader follows him during his encounter with Heathcliff and his forced stay at the manor Wuthering Heights. There, he meets the ghost Catherine Linton who foreshadows the coming story. Once home at Thrushcross Grange, Lockwood inquires Nelly, his housekeeper, about Heathcliff and the mysteries surrounding him. Through a series of diary entries, Lockwood dictates what he heard from Nelly who is remembering from her childhood. It began with Mr. Earnshaw who had brought an orphaned boy called Healthcliff to raise with his children Hindley and Catherine. Catherine and Heathcliff become close, but there remains animosity between Hindley and Heathcliff. Their father figure, also, comes to prefer Heathcliff. Under these conditions, Heathcliff is bullied by Hindley, which breeds ill in both as Heathcliff becomes bitter towards Hindley and Hindley is punished by his father. Cathy & Heathcliff come to make friends with the Linton children. After the death of her mother, Cathy looks upon them as polite and etiquette breed, different from her own. When she becomes sick due to a dog-bite, Cathy is nursed back to health by Mrs. Llinton and remains there during the period of her illness. After that period, she comes home transformed into a “lady”. Heathcliff only becomes angry and hurt by her change, feeling left behind. In the meantime, Hindley had been sent off to college and returned home with a wife, but she died soon after the birth of a son. Due to this, he begins to drink heavily. Healthcliff and Cathy drift and eventually Cathy accepts a proposal by one of the Linton children for the main purpose of pursuing gentility and wealth. Her intentions cause Heathcliff to run away only causing Cathy to be ill again. When Heathcliff comes back, he is in possession of wealth and seems to be the educated man Cathy had married Edgar Linton for. Isabella falls in love with Heathcliff and he only plays along because he is obsessed with revenge against Edgar. Eventually, Cathy dies leaving a daughter, Catherine, in her place. Her tragic death causes Heathcliff to cry for her ghost to remain. Isabella has a child, but under constant abuse by her husband, she eventually runs away. Hindley dies the same way Heathcliff once began, uneducated, gruff, and dark. His death leaves the estate in Heathcliff’s possession. Now, Heathcliff’s scheme is to have Linton, his own son, and Catherine, Cathy’s daughter, fall in love in order to acquire Thrushcross Grange.

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