World War I: United States Involvement

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"He Kept us Out of War" (World War I Quotes). This quote was a democratic slogan stated during the election of 1916 on behalf of President Woodrow Wilson. This slogan makes an attempt to refer to the good leadership qualities and decisions that President Wilson made to keep the United States of America out of the war and that is why he should be elected again to serve as President. Though this made a valid argument to show that Wilson was smart to keep us out of war, many events took place that continued to anger the U.S. which eventually made them declare war on Germany on April 6th, 1917 (World War I). In doing this, they broke their policy of non intervention. The United States held out of the Great War for so long because of economic reasons, their policy of neutrality, and to avoid the morbid trench warfare (America). However, the United Stated eventually entered the war because of Germany sinking several U.S. passenger ships, and the publication of the Zimmerman telegram (World War I).

To begin, America decided to hold out of the Great War for so long because of economic reasons. At this time, America was still growing as a country and expanding its culture in order to become a world power. Also, they were trading with many countries and this was a major part of the economy. If they decided to go to war with a country, it was certain that they were going to lose all connections and trade possibilities with the countries that they were fighting against. During this era, America was more interested in making money than fighting for a cause that they did not have much involvement in. Specifically, The United States chose both sides and decided to sell ammunition and other supplies to all countries involved in the ...

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