Women's Rights Dbq

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Women have had it rough throughout history. Their declining position in the world started during the Neolithic revolution, into Rome, and past the Renaissance. However, at the turn of the twentieth century, women began advocating for equality no matter their governmental situation. This promotion of women's rights is evident in communist nations during the twentieth century and their fight against hundreds of years of discrimination. It can be seen that women were brainwashed into believing that their rights were equal with the male population through the use of propaganda, yet this need for liberation continued despite government inadequacy at providing these simple rights. Women in communist countries struggled for rights in the twentieth…show more content…
Document 7, a letter to the First Lady of a Romanian Communist dictator known for a lavish lifestyle urges for changes in the country. Written by an anonymous women's group, the document shows the harsh differences between the working class and the upper class. The letter speaks of a life where after spending hours toiling in factories or building sites, women can not find a source of food despite the strenuous work they give to the country daily. It clarifies the desperation for change in a time where women are the least of concerns of leaders, and where one woman is living a life of luxury, another mere miles away may not find food for days on end to support her family which leads to hunger and misery. Document 2, written by a woman Soviet official demands that a member of the Komsomol should not allow the necessary veiling of a female family member. This statement was groundbreaking in a time where women, especially Muslim women, were treated like nothing more than objects. Document 2 pushed boundaries and enforced strict repercussions for anyone who would argue the mandatory veiling being abolished in the communist Soviet Union. This document proves that women were mistreated through the veiling, and is written by a woman for other women. Lastly, Document 1 validates this same mistreatment in Russia…show more content…
These documents explicitly show that it was evident through the countries that women had a lesser standing than men, yet offer a solution and promise of equal opportunity regardless of gender. In Document 5, an artist paints a picture of a China where women provide to the country, their family, and have their wellbeing improved. This poster, while propaganda, was commissioned to support birth control in China during a period of rapid population increase that harmed the country in many ways. The document provides a sense of pride, and hope for the future of China in a way that supports women and men. It can be concluded that because of the negative situation of the time the poster was painted, a need for change for women is being published throughout the nation. Document 6, a statement given by Fidel Castro in 1974 puts these emotions into words. He specifically states that the present condition of womens rights in Cuba are not satisfactory, and that there is an imminent need for change. His speech, given to the Federation of Cuban Women can be taken in a sense that he is merely speaking to gain their support. However, if that was Castro's only intention, he still showed a support for women that inspired not only the women he spoke to but activists as well. He speaks of a future of equality that is attainable for women and men. Castro urges the
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