Women's Rights

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Women were always expected to stay home and take care of daily chores. Compared to the men, the women weren’t treated as equally. Women were treated as property towards the men. Everything a woman owned, a man owned. I am going to discuss what has changed from the beginning of women’s rights till now. I will also talk about specific time periods and what has occurred during those periods. An example of a major contributor to women’s rights would be Susan B. Anthony. She was an American civil rights leader to women during the 19th century. A more specific time period would be sometime around the 1800’s or later. She also was involved with Women’s suffrage. Susan also made an impact on those women. Susan was a leader instead of a follower, and even though she wasn’t the most know leader or activist in women’s rights, she still tried to make a contribution to her community. She made a commitment to the women with no rights, and had the quality of a leader. Another thing she tried to do was giving. She tried to give freedom with nothing in return, and never lowered her expectations for anyone. All I think she asked for was a chance to prove that confidence was the right answer. I also think that she supported them as well as they supported her.
Starting off from 1 BC and before, I can definitely say that many girls and or women were married at a young age. A majority of women would be already married from the ages of twelve to fourteen. Basically, all of those were arranged marriages. Even though that is so, they had arranged marriages so that way they would marry their own social class. I don’t think that the people in charge wanted different classes clashing together. If that clash would have happened it would just be a mismatch ...

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