Women's Politics And The Role Of Women In Politics

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As we know, gender is a classification acquire at birth. Then gender comes with a role in society, but some stereotypes are attributed to each gender. As for women, they still have to fight for themselves to occupy those “so called men positions”. One of these areas of struggle is politics. In the US, they had to fight for equal treatment in politics by winning the right to vote and seat and talk politics with men, but genders stereotypes about women running for politics still exist around the world. In the following paper, we’ll explain why the issue of women running is pivotal now, and then we’ll present how different resolutions of it might affect the social life.

Women at every level of life try to be somehow
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THANIKODI and M. SUGHIRTA entitled “Status of Women in Politics”, they mentioned how women are always under represented as far as making decision. They defined the Status of women in politics, as being “ the degree of equality and freedom enjoyed by a woman in the shaping and sharing of power and in the value given by the society to this role of women.” In other words, society stereotype for women still exist. Women are know to be caring sharing, emotional and are suppose to stay at home and take care of the house. Also, in that article, the author mentioned the fact that evolving in politics depends on the society you live in, the culture, the economical arrangements or even the regime they live in. Political power also relies on social hierarchies, which mostly relies on one gender only. Women are gradually making their way up in politics but numbers are still low. For example in 136 countries women are still not holding ministerial positions. Only in Europe, America and a few other countries that women are represented. In 1995, there were 11.3 per cent of women in the world parliament and today; they are up to 15.6 worldwide. Women encounter a lot of obstacles in the political world. They face the society stereotypes, the…show more content…
This article is from a Zimbabwean association of women fighting to have more women involved I politics. Their campaign called fifty-fifty aims to let the world having a mother or being a housewife is not the only role played by women in the society. Women are known to be wise and strong at the same time so they should be allowed to participate in different political actions in the world for more
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