Witches of Doom

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When writing the story of life, do not let anyone else hold the pen or wild things will transpire. Does man control his own destiny? In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the character Macbeth listens to three witches as they foreshadow his life. They first tell him that he will become King of Scotland, and this is when the immorality begins. One murder leads to another, and he spins himself into a web of paranoid chaos. He continues to go back to the witches to hear their prophecies about how his life will play out. William Shakespeare makes the roles of the witches imperative because they create the storyline and spark Macbeth’s actions, all while ruining his life.
The witches can predict the future and impact Macbeth, but they cannot control his fate. Macbeth’s demise was perhaps planned by the witches, but it was his own free will that led him to evil. Macbeth would never have thought seriously about killing Duncan without the witches. The witches are responsible for putting the idea and thought into Macbeth’s mind. As a brave leader of the king’s army, Macbeth’s main goal should be to serve and receive his reward heaven. After his encounter with the witches this is not the case anymore. Ambition is what drives Macbeth, and he only needs the suggestion of what could be his for him to go get it. The sisters enjoyed seeing the downfall of Macbeth by his own selfish actions.Without the witches, his desire to be king would have not been great enough for him to commit murder; the witches are his evil side.
The weird sisters play as catalyst in the story as they change the storyline with their foresights. Without the witches, the story would of course lose weirdness, but the story would collapse and the conflict would vanish. “I will ...

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...onsidered killing Duncan without the witches’ probing. He, even, blames his actions on the witches, and uses them to justify his desire for the throne (Cavolowsky Internet).
Justification is all Macbeth needs, or anyone rather to say, who is doing some unjust and wrong. After Macbeth gets the justification straight in his head, he is equipped to go on his quest for King of Scotland.
Macbeth was not virtuous in controlling his own destiny. He let the witches ultimately talk him out of his righteousness and the idea he had that his worthy engagements will make him king one day. The witches of doom were very essential to Macbeth starting disarray within himself and falling into his own fate. Without the witches in the play, foreshadow and suspense would be lost: Macbeth would have eventually earned King of Scotland in the future with his own bravery and leadership.
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