Winston Churchill: A Brief Biography

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Winston Churchill was one of the most important and influential people in British history. Churchill became one of the greatest wartime leaders by creating his first naval army in 1911 to help with WWI efforts, gave moving speeches to rally the British people during bombings in WWII, and eventually won WWII with the aid of his good friend president Franklin Roosevelt.
Churchill’s greatness began from a childhood that is not typical of a great leader. His parents, Lord Randolph Churchill and an American Jennie Jerome, didn’t care a great deal about him ( So as a child, he became close to his little brother. Churchill did not always get good grades, and was frequently reminded by his father about them ( He eventually was accepted into the British Royal Military Academy and graduated 8th out of 150 in his class, and became a soldier and reporter ( Churchill’s early experiences as a soldier and in the British Military helped guide him on his way to being a wartime genius. In 1895, he took a leave from being a soldier to put his other skills to work and became a reporter ( He mainly reported wars such as the Cuban War of Independence for The Daily Telegraph, and Boer War in 1899 for The Morning Post ( During his reporting of the Boer War in South Africa, he was captured and put in prison ( He escaped to tell of this story, and he became known throughout Great Britain for this adventure ( His first book of more than forty was written based off of his experiences as a reporter. He was hired as a conservative, but later in his career, switched to liberal, then back to conservative (w...

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