William Shakespeare's Use of Dramatic Devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet

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William Shakespeare's Use of Dramatic Devices in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet were written around 1595, by William Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play. The play is basically a love and

violence play but it’s hard to bring them both together because they

both have a tragic outcome. The play is all about two families

(Montagues and Capulets) that have a feud but their children fell in

love with each other (Romeo and Juliet). Juliet’s parents (the

Capulets) wanted her to marry a young man named Paris, which was not

the wish of Juliet but to get married to her lover Romeo. But she

(Juliet) is very obedient to her parents and her father told her she

will be sent away from the house if she refuses to marry Paris. This

gave Juliet a lot of disturbance and went to seek advice from a

peacemaker called Friar Lawrence.

The violence and conflict affected the whole play because both Romeo

and Juliet died at the end of the play and also both parents of the

lovers were at conflict. Also Romeo killed Tybalt (a cousin of Juliet)

for killing his friend Mercuito. All through the play there was one

conflict after another and it made the play so sad.

I’ll like to discuss when Romeo heard about the death of Juliet and

got so furious and went ahead to poison himself and how Juliet also

killed herself after finding the dead body of Romeo. But the important

thing about the play is the reconciliation of both parents after

realising it was their feud that caused the death of their children

and later came back together in peace.

William Shakespeare used dramatic devices in many different ways, for

example, the be...

... middle of paper ...

... sword but Tybalt’s fencing was accurate to kill. Mercuito was

combining both houses (Montagues and Capulets) even when dying. This

shows this course on the Montagues trying to fight the Capulets for

his Romeo.

Tybalt was known for violence and always wanted a fight whenever he

come across with the Montagues and their friends especially Romeo.

Although he was dead, he had already caused another fight by annoying

the peaceful Romeo to take vengeance on his friend’s deaths which lead

Romeo to kill him too. The Prince (Escales) hears about the fight and

did what he called a “strict justice” and banished Romeo from Verona.

The scene was made as exciting as possible so as to cover the sad and

bad part of the violence and conflict in the play to make every other

scene level up so as not to make it a dull and sad a story.
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