William Golding's Lord of the Flies

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William Golding's Lord of the Flies

In the Lord of the Flies, many young boys were left to survive after

their plane had crashed on an uninhabited island. From the very

beginning Ralph, one of the oldest boys, took control although he even

lost organization quickly. It was in the minds of Piggy the, group

got work done. If it weren’t for him it would have been total chaos

from day one. He was an intelligent young boy who was always looking

for ways to improve their “community”. Every child on the island was

a boy, not a girl. This may have caused unnecessary arguments and

violence throughout the book. If the Island would have been all girls

things would have been drastically different although with a similar

outcome. War.

Girls would have been more patient in the initial organization of the

group, unlike the boys which were soon calling meetings and building

huts. It is common for boys to know more survival skills than girls

but once the girls get in order they can be equally or even more

efficient than boys. On page 16 in the book, Piggy and Ralph figure

out they can call a meeting by blowing on a conch, something a bunch

of girls would have done much later on. For the first few days the

islands thought process was clear and focused. Huts, Fire, Food, Jobs,

ect. This does not mean it stayed that way forever. Girls would have

soon realized to create an order to their new lives and probably have

done the same thing as the boys. Where you would notice a group of

girls exceeding a group of boys is when the group starts dealing with

problems. Girls are much more humble in these situations and instead

of caring who takes control they want to make sure it’s don’t

correctly. Jack stirs things up when he begins to fight with Ralph

about irrelevant issues like jobs. The boys were very capable of

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