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William Blake

Romantic Poetry has been written since the late seventeen hundreds up past the first reform bill passed in 1832. There were many romantic poets in the Romantic Era, many who have touched the hearts of many readers and still do till this day. William Blake was one of the first English Romantic poets to exist. This paper focuses on some of the history of William Blake’s life, William Blake as a Romantic Poet, and some songs from two of his famous books, "The Songs of Innocence" and "The Songs of Experience".

Included in this paper are some of William Blake’s fabulous art creations, I also have a personal interpretation of some of his poems. To view the poem just simply click on the title of the poem and you will have full access to the plate that the poem was printed on. When finished with this paper click on the hyperlinks found in my bibliography and you will have instant access to the world of William Blake.


William Blake was born on November 28, 1757; he was the first of the great English Romantic poets as well as a painter, engraver and printer. William Blake was the third son of a London hosier, he was brought up in a poor house hold and had very little schooling. "Blake lived in or near to London, a city which dominates much of his work, whether as the nightmare 'London' of the Songs of Experience, or the London which Blake saw as the 'New Jerusalem', the kingdom of God on earth."

Blake obtained most of his education through readings of the Bible, of Milton and Greek and Latin classic literature. "Blake is frequently referred to as a mystic, but this is not really accurate. He deliberately wrote in the style of the Hebrew prophets and envisioned his works as expressions of proph...

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... wrote the sequel The Songs of Experience. He wrote The Songs of Experience to demonstrate that, reality brings on experience.

I hope that after reading this paper and browsing through the hyperlinks included, you know understand how William Blake’s poems and artwork tie into one another and why he is one of the greatest Romantic poets that has ever lived.


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