Wicca a Religion Based on Earth and Gods

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Wicca is earth based religion with gods and goddess. There is no central of leadership due to each person path is different from each other. The view of the person who has a diverse backgrounds, views of the world around them as well as personal connection with the goddess/god. There are people who practice alone which are called solitaries. There are people who practice in a coven just like a church. In a coven, there are degrees to be earn to become a High Priest or High Priestess. You are initiation into the coven to be a First degree which last, a year and a day. There are more degrees to be earn for leadership of training to become a High Priest or High Priestess. Witch is prefer to both male and female of Wiccans. Warlock is not used unless a member betrays their coven or the pagan community. Some people in the pagan community do believe that Wicca came before Christianity. Pre-Christian times, there were a lot of practices of gods and goddess from cultures that had a medicine man or witch queen. Witchcraft is believed to dates back to twenty or thirty thousand years to the Paleolithic Age. Wicca or Witchcraft by the Christians believe that Witches are devil worship and practices left hand of black magic. The reason is to believe that Witches are worshiping the Devil is due to the Horned God of the old religion. “Psalm 96: All the gods of the heathens are demons.” There is no mention of the Devil in the New Testament. Hence Christians are lead to believe to transform witches or pagans to Christianity. By the scripture, Christians are taught from promotion of fear and years of misunderstanding of Wicca, as well other pagan religions. This is how the elders of the Christian church got people to believe ... ... middle of paper ... ...ght. The Church didn’t give me any answers but taught me to keep my mouth shut in my youth. I believe everyone should have some form of spirituality within them. I think if we have more tolerates towards one another in their different believes that wars in the name of their religion wouldn’t have never been fought. Since religion wars have been going on for decades. This type of behavior will only continue until we “humans” teach the next generation to have more tolerant and less judgmental. Humans are such judgmental creatures to the point I get judge every day for being Wiccan. I have to remind them “A person who judge shouldn’t live in a glass house and throw rocks at me” Works Cited (Cunningham, 2007) (Farrar, 1981, 1984) (Deer@pagani, 2000) (VCU, 2013) (Gardner, 1954) (Linder, 2005) (Buckland, 1996) (Birch, 2014) (Buckland R. , 2002)

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