Why Mountain Rangers Should Not Be Able To Rescue Services

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Why should we risk the lives of innocent mountain rangers to save those who put themselves in a life or death situation? Many mountain rangers risk their lives every day to rescue, mountain climbers who chose to put their lives in danger. This is very serious because, there have been many deaths of both mountain rangers and climbers during these rescue missions. That’s why mountain climbers shouldn’t be able to demand rescue services. The main reasons for this are because, it would involve putting more than one live in danger, the mountain climbers are the ones who took the risk, and with so many people climbing mountains a helicopter could easily crash. First of all, climbers should not be able to have rights to rescue services because, when the mountain rangers are saving others they are putting their own lives at risk. In a newspaper article it said, …show more content…

Many mountain rangers will be out to save people in helicopters at high altitudes where the air is thin. This may cause a pilot to lose control, causing a crash, not allowing either copter to save the mountain climbers. During a radio interview with Nick Heil this was said,” ‘What I’m hearing now is that at the peak of climbing season, you might see as many as four or five helicopter flights into Everest base camp given in one day. Now, I don’t think that’s the standard rule, but they’re-certainly-more and more common up there; you know, flying trekkers in and out, flying climbers in and out’ ” (Source 1). This shows that before helicopter rescues weren’t that common, but, now they're 4-5 of them in the sky daily. This has become a major issue because, the weather near the mountains is very unpredictable and it may cause a pilot to lose control. Plus, because there are so many helicopters rescuing climbers everyday, there may not be an left for a real emergency, like an

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