Why Is Karl Marx As The Father Of Communism?

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Karl Marx commonly known as the father of communism has been major part of history worldwide and which is why he is taught in many history classes. Karl Marx is known as a philosopher, he spent his life questioning and writing many ideas. Communism is probably one of the most associated terms with Karl Marx, and communism is viewed as an evil economic system but Marx didn’t create communism to be evil. In fact, many of my previous teachers and professors have stated that Marx’s idea of communism was an impressive idea and it seemed like it would work on paper but, it was executed terrible in countries like Russia and China. Why is it that the life and influence of Karl Marx isn’t something that is discussed when talking about him in textbooks and lectures? The life surrounding Marx is what influence him writing his most famous piece of literature and without the events in his life falling into play Marx wouldn’t be known worldwide like he is today. Starting with his life, Karl Marx was born and raised in Trier, Germany. He was one of nine children and his father was lawyer meaning…show more content…
Karl Marx wasn’t afraid to share his ideas and beliefs though it did get him in trouble from time to time, he was able to find others that share the same ideas as he did. Everything happens for a reason in life, for example Marx moving from country to country to be able to share his ideas freely is one of them. Had he stayed in France to begin with he probably wouldn’t have ever written “The Communist Manifesto” and later on continued with “Das Kapital”. Marx wouldn’t have been known as the father of communism and together as a society we wouldn’t have be able to know what the impact of Karl Marx and a communistic country. With Marx’s life turning the way it did we are able to question which economic system works best for our country and we are able to see whether he was correct with his

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