Why I Want To Be An Auto Mechanic Essay

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Career Search: Auto Mechanics My career goal is to become an Auto Mechanic and Shop Owner. Being an Auto Mechanic intends to have a variety of skills such as: having knowledge on a variety of knowledge with different car companies, the ability to diagnose the problem quickly and repair it fast and to perfection. They also have to have knowledge on every car part and currently be great with electronics. A shop owner has to be good with business, numbers, customer relationships, have the knowledge of an Auto Mechanic. The talents that I have to become an Auto Mechanic and a shop owner are that I have basic knowledge on cars, their parts, where to get cheap parts, good speaking skills. I’m beginning to be able to do a diagnosis on a car, I’m also good at electronics. I also have a few mentors helping me out. To become an Auto Mechanic and a Shop Owner, you have to be certified and have a degree in business. To become a master tech, you need to get your ASE: Automotive Service Excellence certificates. There are Nine of them, they are, …show more content…

He chose his occupation because his father has owned a shop since he was born and grew up with and he fell in love with it. He says he likes his job, but sometimes he wishes he could make money easier, he recommends it to anyone who likes getting their hands dirty and loves cars, such as myself. A description of his job is that he services and repairs cars, performing a diagnosis on a car, doing test drives, completing repair orders, and talking to customers. The field has changed a little, such as, more electronic parts on cars and different places of parts. Something I wish someone told me before I started this career is that tools cost so much money and my body would hurt a decent amount. Chance for advancement in this field is all based on if you have your ASE certifications and how good you are at doing a diagnosis and repairing cars quickly and with perfect

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