Who Really Is To Blame?

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I'm going to go ahead and claim an uncontested victory here, as you've been completely unable to come back with one argument against the things I've said. Not only have you not come up with any valid points, you haven't come up with any at all. Yet I'm sure you still disbelieve everything I've proven.

I don't hate you Missy, despite what you might think. I pity you. I wish you would open your eyes to the world around you. Read an article not written by some partisan whack-job, hell, even try reading a book. The sooner you learn to think for yourself, the sooner you'll be able to see how this whole Tea Bag movement is nothing but an angry, ignorant mob being led around by cynical politicians who would gladly throw them under the bus if it helped a carreer. Look at how many Tea Baggers carry signs that say "Taxed Enough Already", or "No More Taxes". This makes zero sense when you look at the fact that Obama signed the largest middle class tax cut in HISTORY! I not only highly doubt, but I'll even bet that less than 1% of the angry mobs you see make over $250,000/year, which is how much they'd have to make for any type of tax increase to affect them. In fact, recent reports show that the majority of these mobs are unemployed or retired. Funny, those are two of the three groups most targeted for assistance by Obama's policies.

Here's the rub: Y'all call government evil. You claim that Government is the problem. Well, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. When the right has control of it, government IS the problem, as in starting illegal wars, illegal wiretapping (Judge just ruled on that one yesterday), massive theft from the middle and lower classes in favor of the super-rich, Guys who tout Family Values having gay sex in airports, ...

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...machine disguised as a news station. That makes you a Republican.

Hell, if I were a conservative, I would be mad as hell! Not at the liberals and moderates, who after all have only been pushing for the things that liberals and moderates always push for, but at the conservative "leaders" who have betrayed the very essence of conservatism. I would be angry as hell at the Glenn Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world who cynically manipulate both their listeners and their party for monetary gain, and for fame. I would be ready to crucify men like John Boehner who would rather keep his own ass in congress than actually acheive anything.

But no, you go ahead and be mad at us, the liberals and the moderates who make up a healthy majority of this country. Why? Becuase your party is a lie, and has betrayed you straight out of your houses and into the unemployment lines.
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