Who Is To Blame For The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby takes place in the roaring 20’s in fictional towns called East and West Egg Long Island, NY. This is a time period of booming stock prices, prohibition (laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol), and joy from winning a World War. During the time frame in which the book takes place you get introduced to millionaires with old money, the new rich, the hopefuls that are striving to be in these higher classes, the gold diggers, and the common people of that time. The story is told by Nick Carraway, a bond salesman, graduated from Yale, aspiring writer and from the Midwest. He was a WWI veteran and recently moved into the newly prospering town of West Egg. He is 29 years old turning 30 midway through the book. Nick is Jay Gatsby’s …show more content…

She is described as “not too smart” and a “social climber”. She hates her husband George and wants to be with Tom, leading to her untimely end when she is accidently killed by Daisy driving Gatsby’s car (even though Gatsby insists on taking the blame for the accident). George B. Wilson a mechanic is both disliked by Tom and his own wife Myrtle. He takes a big part at the end of the book mistakenly assuming Gatsby is the driver of the car that kills his wife, shooting Gatsby and then killing himself. Jordan Baker is Daisy’s longtime friend and professional golfer. She is Nick Caraway’s girlfriend for most of the novel and has a somewhat shady reputation. She seems bored to tears thought the whole novel. In the book the author describes her as a cheat and a gold digger. Daisy is my absolute favorite character. Not only is she a gold digger, but she is very selfish, shallow, careless and greedy. Daisy wants the comfort of old money with Tom while also wanting the excitement of rekindling her romance and sex with Gatsby. Daisy feel s that Tom is possessive of her, but feels ignored because of Tom’s affair with Myrtle. Daisy also shows her true self at the end of the book by leaving town and not going to Gatsby’s

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