Who Is Reverend Parris Guilty In The Crucible

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692 words

In the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller, the town of Salem faces a mask of hysteria from the accusations of witchcraft. Reverend Parris, one of the many characters mentioned throughout the play, was a man who did not want his good name to be tarnished. Reverend Parris is known throughout the town as the churchly figure. Most citizens do not like his personality, but they ultimately respect him for his belief in religion. Although many people were hung for the accusations of dealing with witchcraft, Reverend Parris is the most guilty to blame for the events of the Salem Witch Trials, because he was a fearful and terrified religious leader who really didn’t know what he was doing, as well as a selfish and greedy idiot who made quick and irrational decisions for the benefit of himself that non-surprisingly ended up killing tons of innocent people …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the town of salem faces hysteria from the accusations of witchcraft. reverend parris was a fearful and terrified religious leader who didn't know what he was doing.
  • Analyzes how reverend parris is terrified of his daughter, abigail, that she might be part of witchcraft because she won't wake up.
  • Analyzes how john proctor called out reverend parris on his accountability within salem. he accuses him of being unholy and calls him to see if he reads the gospel.
  • Analyzes how reverend parris is accused of abusing his position and craving selfish and greedy after more than his due. instead of accepting the generosity of the town in supplying him with a free place to live, he demands the deed of ownership to the house.

As Reverend Parris worries about his daughter he makes it clear the consequences of lying about witchcraft. “Now tell me true, Abigail. And I pray you feel the weight of truth up on you, now my ministry is at stake, my reputation and perhaps your life as well.”(Act 1, Lines 113-116). Reverend Parris cannot reveal that he found his niece, Abigail dancing in the forest. Reverend Parris tells Abigail that he has enemies who will use that knowledge against him. He is particularly terrified because he could be implicated in the witchcraft accusations and scapegoating. Betty is accused of witchcraft, Abigail as well accuses Tituba of witchcraft. This would mean that three people of supposed witchcraft would all be living under Mr. Parris roof and that is a huge NO within the Salem community. Reverend Parris is terrified of his overall future and reputation within the town of Salem. Being terrified is the reason why so many lives were taken away. His fear has spread and will ultimately affect the town of

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