White Privilege Essay

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White privilege is the concept that white people have the advantage over other ethical races because of the color of their skin. Potapchuk &Leiderman state that “white privilege is about the concrete benefits of access to resources and social rewards and the power to shape the norms and values of society that whites receive, unconsciously or consciously, by virtue of their skin color in a racist society” (pg. 3). There will always be the conflict of race in our society; because children are still being taught that there is a problem with others who are not the same color as they are. Educating children at a young age could help reduce the amount of racism in their future.
Depending on where an individual lives; if they live in a mostly all white community than their children will go to a school that is mostly white, the teachers will be mostly white and the activities that the children are in other children will be mostly white. If one lives in a mostly black community they will go to a school that is mostly black, the teacher might be mostly black and the activities that they are in will have mostly black children involved. When children learn about the history of our country most of the famous explorers were white, children learn about slavery and how white people had black people for slaves. Children can assume from being in an environment as they are with everyone around them being white is that is “the way of the world” (Christman, 2013 pg.3).
In order to reduce the “white privilege” concept, parents, teachers, coaches, etc. Need to talk with their children/students about racism. According to Copenhaver-Johnson (2006) the reason we do not talk to our children about racism is for several different reasons. One reason that...

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... first suggestion is to not be afraid to bring up the subject and talk about it, parents need to look for any teaching moments like if there are different colors of people in books or if your child says something about different skin colors, make sure that you keep the talk at the level of your child-for instance if someone has a three year old they want to keep at their level of talk, and every parent needs to be a role model for their children and do not make racial comments (Olsen, 2013).
Parents need to start teaching their children at a young age about where they came from as well as where other people came from that are of a different race, be a good role model and be ready to talk to their children if and when they have questions. Keeping children educated on other ethnicities will help reduce the enormous amount of racism that we deal with still today.

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