What5 the world looks like from the viewpoint of me as a photographer?

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I saw the topic of my essay and I asked myself “What the Word Looks Like from the Viewpoint of Me as a Photographer?” my answer to this question would simply be that when you’re a photographer you view things different than what the average person would view it as. In other words I basically saying that they don’t really have that creative fill in their mind, I learned that when it comes to photography, photographers they are basically like an artist but instead of painting pictures on a canvas they take pictures that bring meaning and creativity out in a photo. When it comes to taking pictures as an photography you can and be as diverse as much is possible because it my opinion as a photographer you have to stand out from all the other photojournalists. Since there is such a great deal of photographers you have to expand your mind and really look at things with meaning.
People might not recognize this but photographers have an advantage against a lot of people but the creativity that they have runs so deep. They view things in different aspects and they can make something greater than what it really is. For example if there’s an old abandon house most people probably would not pay any attention to it, but with a photographer they can take a picture and bring life back into that house with a photo. Others may not agree with my statement but that’s just how I see it as. I personally use to think that photographers go to big fancy cites, take a picture, and it looks nice but I was wrong it has more depth and detail than that.
As a photographer you look at everything and you see if you could actually that something into a great photo or not. When I taking pictures I have a tendency to wander in different places to see what I could f...

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...er it’s good to have to different sources. In others words what I’m saying is that you can take photos in black and white or digital. When it comes down to it I choose to go with digital only because I like to see my mistakes and try and correct them. With a black or white camera you can see what you have taken and to me it’s stressful because you don’t know if you messed up or made it blurry. But at the end of the day you have to take risks in this type of field, try to correct you mistakes.

In conclusion, my view of taking pictures is that it is always significant and best to keep an open mind when it comes to things like this. Taking pictures has actually open a different world for me. I view a lot of things differently. Being a photographer has given me a great deal of knowledge when it comes to creativity and creating a diverse and creative image.

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