What Is The Role Of Mental Health In The Tudor Era

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Statement of intended research Question: By the study of primary sources and clinica writing, what can we learn about mental health in the Tudor era (1485-1603)? And how physicatric culture continued to develop further during the 17th century? The mental health of Tudor England is overlooked. The current historical research looks at the physical health of people, but often avoids going into too much detail or research on mental health during this period. Although the histiorgraphy of mental health as a whole has been often discussed by such historians like G. E. Berrios and Roy Porte, it is clear that there is a need for further study in this area. Research on the history of mental health has often been carried out by clinicians who have had very little training in historical research, and modest understanding of the time period and a series of events…show more content…
Tudor England (Oxford University Press, 1988) • Currie. Andrew. S. MD. Edinburgh Medical Journal: Issue 38: Notes on the Obstetric Histories of Catharine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. Edinburgh Medical Journal: Issue 38, Part One (July-September 1888) pp.295-302 Online Archives • US National Library of Medicine: The Digital Collection. • British History Museum: Online Collections Clinical writing sources In order to gather a clinical understanding of mental illness, I have been studying ‘The Encyclopedia of Mental Health’ by Howard Friedman (2006) in order to get a basic understanding on each condition that occurred during the 15th to 17th centuries, which I have found in my readings. I then intend to go onto study in depth, through the ‘Oxford TextBook of Psychiatry (fifth ed.) which I have borrowed from my

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