What Is The Canada Trip Essay

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Canada Trip: Essay North America is the third largest continent in the world right behind Africa, and Asia. Two of the largest countries in the world are, our very own, the United States of America and Canada. Canada is the second largest country in the world. Although they are a part of North America, Canada is very well known because of the European culture that is a part of their country. Before the Europeans came over to Canada, a large population of a group called the Paleo-Indians not only populated what would eventually become Canada, but they also inhabited the other countries of North America. After thousands of years living in Canada, Europeans came across the Americas and began to settle. In fourteen ninety seven , explorer John Cabot discovered and claimed land on the east coast of Canada for King Henry the eighth, two years after moving to England for Canada. After the discovery by John Cabot, other European countries became excited at the idea of the coastal areas in this new found land. The only European country to really establish themselves in what would be Canada, were France. Between…show more content…
Even with the surrender of Montreal to the British, they had no way of having a strong economy. The only way they made money was through the fur trade and for a short period of time it wasn’t successful. To find a way to better the income and the economy of Montreal, they decided to compete with the Hudson Bay Company. The Hudson Bay Company was a fur trading business, founded and established in 1670 in England, but migrated to Canada after the British defeated the French. A group of Scottish merchants created the North West Company, and the main goal was to gain control of the fur trade. In 1821 the Hudson Bay Company decided to take in the North West Company and make it a part of the Hudson Bay
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