What Is Multitasking?

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Multitasking In this article that was about being a multitasker, it stated that with studies and research completed by psychologists multitasking cannot be done. A person cannot do two tasks at once sufficiently. They found that a person multitasking does not complete a task as well or any quicker than a person who does one task at a time. The person with one task at a time did the task better. Also in this article an explanation of a study done with college students where they studied the effects of trying to multitask. They played a video letting the students know that they would be tested after. The students received text messages from them while important parts of the video were playing. The ones that answered or looked at the messages…show more content…
When I am at home, having two younger children who are so happy to see their mother and are eager for my attention, I also try to multitask or what someone might call multitasking. Some of my responsibilities are making dinner, helping my children with their homework, cleaning, and trying to hear about their day. I jump back and forth to each until when it is time to get ready for bed. For bedtime, I support my children with more tasks like showers, picking out clothes for the next day, brushing their teeth and reading a book before bed with them. All these tasks are very conventional not really multitasking. I was quick to learn in motherhood it’s about doing one obligation at a time specifically if it is not as important. Learning to do this helped to make the hectic life of a mother far less…show more content…
Mueller explains that prioritizing, starting with the most urgent and important task, more critical assignment that needs focus first. Following, the not urgent but important tasks, work that isn’t due until another week for example. Afterward, the urgent, not important responsibilities, distractions such as interruptions or something important to someone else. To conclude, the not urgent or important junk, the waste, things to avoid for instance T.V. or social media. I will exercise Covey’s matrix at work. I will do this by first making a to-do list. I will start by making a list aiding me to figure out for the week, which items on my to-do list are the most important. I will then plug it into Covey’s matrix filling it out each day to also add tasks that are asked by someone else to do. At home, I will try this method out by doing the same in order to get school work, housework and errands done. Subsequently, at the end of the week compile my to-do list to see what I can revise. This will help to keep my mind at ease as well as manage my

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